This page is an example of every built-in field type Lektor has.

The title of this page is a string field. ^^

Boolean1 caused True text! Boolean1 = True
Boolean2 caused False text! Boolean2 = False

Of the checkboxes 1-4, boxes choice1, choice3, and choice2 are checked.

A date: 2018-07-04
A datetime formatted three ways:

A float: 2.71828 and 3.14
A int: 1729 and 137

These flow blocks are called manually from the main template for this page:

Text from text only flow block.

Text from text_and_html flow block.

and all 'html' blocks with the additional templates in templates/blocks/:
html from text_and_html flow block. - color applied in block's template file.



strings: ['string1', 'string2', 'string3ss']
string1, string2, and string3ss

Unformatted text: Here is some sample text.

sort_key: 2