Popular Bands From Wikipedia

by Kevin Leutzinger on Apr 14, 2021

Here's a list of popular bands from wikipedia based on pageviews in the last 500 days. The columns are band_name, page_views, band_location

Van Halen                 3678352 Los Angeles
Metallica                 3578022 San Francisco
Red Hot Chili Peppers     3519678 Los Angeles
Eagles (band)             3216278 Los Angeles
Beastie Boys              3038412 New York City
Wu-Tang Clan              2910395 New York City
R.E.M.                    2762807 Athens, Georgia
Lynyrd Skynyrd            2682106 Jacksonville, Florida
Foo Fighters              2648808 Seattle
Backstreet Boys           2641526 Orlando, Florida
Mötley Crüe               2479646 Los Angeles
Guns N' Roses             2468870 Los Angeles
Green Day                 2442694 Berkeley, California
Rage Against the Machine  2319905 Los Angeles
Pearl Jam                 2301367 Seattle
Talking Heads             2283065 New York City
Kiss (band)               2249243 New York City
Blink-182                 2164807 San Diego
Grateful Dead             2093998 San Francisco
N.W.A                     2041392 Los Angeles
ZZ Top                    2031063 Houston
The Pussycat Dolls        2013956 Los Angeles
System of a Down          1910150 Los Angeles
Simon & Garfunkel         1906716 New York City
The Smashing Pumpkins     1846394 Chicago
Chloe x Halle             1827581 Atlanta
Aerosmith                 1819782 Boston
Destiny's Child           1773846 Houston
Alice in Chains           1737124 Seattle
Journey (band)            1716873 San Francisco
New Kids on the Block     1689526 Boston
Ramones                   1684684 New York City
Tool (band)               1672275 Los Angeles
The Doors                 1660277 Los Angeles
The Killers               1640228 Las Vegas
The Strokes               1587307 New York City
Haim (band)               1539943 Los Angeles
Fifth Harmony             1539325 Miami
NSYNC                     1538991 Orlando, Florida
Heart (band)              1536555 Seattle
The Temptations           1535653 Detroit
Evanescence               1534125 Little Rock, Arkansas
Black Eyed Peas           1468883 Los Angeles
Village People            1456982 New York City
Nine Inch Nails           1441549 Cleveland
Boyz II Men               1436106 Philadelphia
Toto (band)               1428697 Los Angeles
The Monkees               1424911 Los Angeles
The Clark Sisters         1418848 Detroit
Weezer                    1412776 Los Angeles


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